3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer

A new grad turned pediatric oncology nurses' jump into the fray…

When the Nurse Becomes the Patient

on September 12, 2012

I’m used to taking care of everyone else—my kids, my husband, and now my patients. That’s what I do. That’s who I am. It’s what I enjoy—it’s why I became a nurse.

But ignoring my own health and wellness, or at least putting it on the back burner in exchange for everyone else’s, has started to catch up with me.

Without getting too specific let’s just say I’m seeing more than my fair share of specialists right now trying to get myself back on track. And the co-pays…smdh.

I don’t like it. Especially because I don’t yet know what “it” is. To quote a dear family friend, “It is hard to fight when you don’t know your opponent.” Truer words were never spoken. She goes on to say that although her own diagnosis was devastating, “It was great to know I was not crazy and there was an actual thing that was wreaking havoc in my body.” Well I cannot wait to finally find out what my “thing” is so I can KICK. ITS. ASS.

But for now I have to turn a negative into a positive, and the silver lining is this—this can only make me a better nurse. I’m on both sides of the fence. Not that we’re not all patients from time to time, whether it’s for a well visit, or maybe a stomach bug, but this is a little different and more in-depth. Though I’m not inpatient or totally out of commission (knock on wood), all the doctors, the consults, the tests, the crappy days, the “what ifs” (which only intensify if you’re driving yourself nuts scouring the internet for answers)…trust me I get it—in a slightly different way than I did before.



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