3Cs: Coffee, Children, and Cancer

A new grad turned pediatric oncology nurses' jump into the fray…


Some of you may remember me from my inaugural blog, The Dog Ate My Care Plan, where I plowed my way through nursing school balancing three kids and a husband, a full-time job, with a caramel macchiato (extra caramel drizzle of course) infusion running at a rate so high I’m surprised I haven’t developed diabetes (or PSVT, from all the caffeine). Once school was over, I just kinda stopped blogging. I didn’t really have the time or the energy with my new job. But after being inundated (okay, maybe not inundated but I did receive quite a bit of interest) with requests to blog and/or bring TDAMCP back I decided to give it a try. And I will try, as these 12-hour shifts, most of which I tend to work three in a row are rough on a body! It honestly seems like it takes my other four days off just to recover from those chumpies. So we’ll see how it goes…

But now I’m all grown up—or at least, I’ve earned a few additional letters behind my name. So instead of bringing TDAMCP back I decided to start a new blog. After a behind the scenes title war with myself (and after not being able to come up with anything else for “The Dog” to eat that wouldn’t get me sued) 3Cs was born.

Coffee, children, and cancer—if I had to describe my day as a RN in three words that would be it. But those three terms only scratch the surface of what it is, and what it takes to be a pediatric oncology nurse. I once saw a t-shirt that read: “Oncology Nursing—the hardest job you’ll ever love.” I couldn’t agree more…


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